A Little Story About Us

Lynne Sawicki has been in the restaurant industry for 35 years.

Lynne has worked in some of the finest restaurants in Atlanta—just to name a few– Bacchanalia, Floataway, Star Provisions, South City Kitchen Buckhead, and Alons.  Always aspiring for more, she opened her open shop in 2007 called Sawicki’s Meat Seafood and More in downtown Decatur.  While in business, Lynne started to have customers come to her from Emory (Winship Cancer Center) asking if she could cook specially tailored meals for their wellness while going through treatment. Harvest 4 Health was born! Sawicki’s unfortunately closed in February of 2014 and so did Harvest 4 Health, but Lynne just couldn’t let it die! Since then, Lynne has received a nutrition certificate from Cornell University (Sept. 2018) and has a much clearer scope of the demands of nutrition for cancer patients.

She is currently teaching clean eating classes at Piedmont Wellness Center as well as running Harvest 4 Health. She works closely with the registered dietician to help her customers and families thrive through adversity.

Harvest 4 Health is a clean eating meal program geared towards people being treated for ailments such as cancer or any other disorder that requires your body to constantly be fueled.  The premise of the program is to help the customer regain their energy and health through the nutrients in the foods they eat. A clean eating program helps to balance the side effects from chemo as well as help the families going through this trying time by taking the burden of cooking a dietary restricted diet off their plates.