Hypertension can happen to anyone. Not every bit of stress you experience means that you have developed hypertension, but it can be easy for temporary stressors or life style choices to creep into longer- term pathologies.

                                FACTORS IN REDUCING HYPERTENSION


The lower your body weight, the lower your blood pressure. Losing weight is especially beneficial if you carry a lot of weight in your abdomen.


Blood pressure increases during exercise, but afterwards will drop lower than when you started. The psychological effects of exercise can also lead to better health choices that will lead to weight loss.


Fruits and vegetables have a low caloric density and help lower body weight by displacing higher calorie foods.


Relaxation therapies like meditation or yoga help to decrease worry and cognitive fatigue, lowering blood pressure. Even if you do not practice formal relaxation, taking mental breaks from stressors can help.


Be aware of side effects— many prescription drugs cause high blood pressure!!! You can find this information online, on your pill bottle, or from your doctor’s office.