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I feel blessed to have been introduced to Lynne Sawicki (Harvest for Health) shortly after I started cancer treatment in 2017.  I was experiencing several side effects, including a significant loss of appetite, changes in the way food tasted and smelled, feeling full quickly, and excessive fatigue.  Food was not appealing. I was struggling to make myself cook or eat; and I was losing weight at a very rapid pace. I live alone and knew I was in trouble.  After searching on-line unsuccessfully for a company to create meals addressing my specific nutritional needs and the challenges I was experiencing, a friend recommended Lynne to me.

I called her, she listened, asked questions, and professionally assessed my situation.  She worked with me by creating and modifying nutritious beverages and meals with added calories and protein in which I could eat, based on my changing tastes and needs.  It was such a gift to have these meals provided, ready to eat, especially when just the smell of food in the kitchen made me feel nauseas.

This process of modifying my meals went on for several months, until my weight stabilized.  Nutrition is such an important part of a cancer journey and thanks to Lynne, her caring, expertise and talents, my situation was turned around.   I feel better, my recovery is improved and I am getting stronger every day.  I still order two to three meals a week from Harvest for Health, 12 months after I was introduced to Lynne. I find Harvest for Health services are very cost effective.  I no longer waste food through buying and letting it spoil.  I usually get two servings out of each single meal provided; and what I eat is incredibly appealing and nutritious.  I would recommended Harvest for Health to anyone who is nutritionally challenged.  This is an excellent, professional service.  

Jeanine D'Ambrosio

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